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An Environment Friendly Electricity Supplier

Thermal Power Stations

Since our inception, we have been involved in various international EPC projects of thermal power stations, which include conventional thermal power generation and engine/steam combined cycle power generation (which is more power-efficient than the conventional thermal power generation).

Hydropower Stations

Hydropower stations utilize water to propel water turbine and generator to generate electricity. We are capable of designing and constructing the hydropower plants and dams, procuring and installing the water turbines and generators, commissioning the power stations as well as training the operation personnel.

Electric Power Network

Power transformation stations and transmission lines are designed to transmit the electricity generated by the thermal power stations or hydropower stations which are usually situated far away from the inhabited areas, to the end-users. We are capable of designing, procuring, constructing and installing the power…
• 700 MW Power Plant in Adana Turkey
• Denim factory in Ethiopia
• A cement factory in Belarus and a Power Plant
• Consultancy contract with CMEC for 2x 420 MW Gas Turbine PP in Belarus
• Studies 425 MW Gas Turbine Power Plant in Turkey
• 760 MW Gas Turbine in Belarus
• Studies Zorlu Holding 200 MW HES in Dalaman Village(2 projects)
• Studies TAV Airport Project in Macedonia
• Palmali Group 7.000 DW 10 Vessels
• Turnkey basis wool factory construction 200 Mil.$ for Bellegprom(Textile ministry)
FEKO A.Ş. devotes&consult to build an up to date power plants all over the World
with high performance and no pollution.
International Engineering Contracting
We began our International Engineering Contracting Business in 1980 and have since then undertaken projects in more than 45 countries around the world. Since our inception, we have undertaken over 80 engineering contracting projects in the power sector. As a leading international engineering contractor and service provider with established presence in the EPC industry, we offer a full spectrum of turnkey solutions to our governmental and corporate customers around the world, especially in developing countries. We consider power, transportation and telecommunications sectors to be our Core Sectors which is reinforced by the arrangement under the Non-competition Agreement. In addition, we are also engaged in engineering contracting projects in non-Core Sectors such as water supply and treatment, building and construction, manufacturing and processing plants and mining and resources exploitation. We are a leading international engineering contractor and service provider in the power sector. We have extensive experience in engineering contracting projects, in particular, EPC projects, in relation to thermal power stations, hydropower stations and power transformation stations and transmission lines. Our power projects are predominantly power-related infrastructure works contracted with the oversea governments (including governmental agencies) and state-owned enterprises.
Trade and Services
With extensive sales and marketing networks in more than 150 countries and regions, we also engage in Trading Business. We provide bridging solutions to (i) domestic and overseas purchasers who wish to source products, or (ii) domestic and overseas suppliers who wish to sell their products all over the World. We principally export and, to a lesser extent, import and domestically trade complete sets of plants and equipment and various machinery, electrical and instrumental products, including mining equipment, ship components, automobile parts, medical instruments, household appliances, electricity meters, manufacturing machineries and construction materials, for customers all over the World in overseas. Set out below are the scope of principal products that are traded by our Company and our principal subsidiaries that operate our Trading Business.
Design and Consultation
Design & consulting is also one of our main businesses. We possess more than 40 Class-A design qualification certificates, which include engineering consulting, urban and rural planning, machinery, building, municipal facility, military, metallurgy, textile, landscape design, environmental engineering, engineering investigation and mapping, geological hazard control, geotechnical design and construction, engineering contracting, etc.
Our two wholly-owned subsidiaries in this sector, China Machinery International Engineering Design & Research Institutes Co., Ltd.(CMIE) and China JIKAN Research Institute of Engineering Investigations and Design, Co., Ltd.(JK Institute) , are among the earliest large comprehensive design and consulting institutes established in China. We have over 2100 professionals in more than 30 professions. Among them, there are National Masters in Engineering Investigation and Design, APEC Architects, International Project Management Professional (IPMP) managers, professors of engineering, senior technicians and national registered engineers.
Our design and consulting team has provided services around more than 50 countries and regions globally and 31 provinces and regions nationally. Besides the conventional areas, our research and development achievements also enable us to engage as EPC contractor in new technique projects and markets, such as "Sponge City", Utility tunnel (City's underground pipelines), smart plant, environmental protection and new energy projects, etc.

Other Business
In addition to our International Engineering Contracting Business and Trading Business, we also operate certain other business including providing logistics services, exhibition services, tendering agency services and other services (including export-import agency services and design services) as well as conducting certain strategic equity investment.
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